Scope of business activities

MEL is engaged in the field of cable, wireless and satellite communications and the installation, operation and maintenance of advanced electronic and communication systems. MEL holds a classification Certificate in the areas of electrical, electronic and mechanical works and for the maintenance and operation of electronic works.

It has successfully completed major supply and installation projects for various Saudi Arabian Government agencies including the general investigation directorate, the public Security directorate, the Ministry of Defense and Aviation, and other Government agencies. MEL has also provided support services to Raytheon under the Air Defense system support Services of the Ministry of Defense and Aviation.

Our Services

Managed Services

MEL specializes in the design, build, and commissioning of VSAT networks and other advanced satellite technologies.

Value Service Provider (VAS)

MEL-INFONE is specialized in Strong & competitive Mobile, GSM & PSTN Value Added Services (VAS).

IRIDIUM Services

Iridium is a market leader constantly innovating beyond the traditional bounds of satellite communications.

Co-location Services

MEL provides operators with an ideal environment for their Co-location needs.

ICT & Communication Services

MEL Partners with major international players in ICT , Satellite and Communication.


FTTH is the current trend in rolling out of telecommunication networks.

Consulting & Outsourcing Services

Provide consultation & outsourcing services to governmental and corporate sectors.

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