Managed Services

Service Overview

MEL Managed Services offer MEL customers’ peace of mind and assurance that they have the experience and expertise of fully trained and accredited engineers behind them all the time.

MEL provide technical support and maintenance services for GPON, FTTH, MRS, ADSL, VSAT, and WiMAX & Microwave. MEL will facilitate the required resources to meet MEL customers’ requirements and SLA’s.

MEL engineers pride themselves on a job well done and work with the aim of ensuring that there is minimal disruption to MEL customers’ working environment, whether it being during installation or maintenance services.

MEL continuously expand its highly qualified teams and its services to meet customers’ new demands and needs and to deliver high quality services and meet customers’ SLA’s. MEL is proud of its excellent reputation, which have been accumulated over the years.

MEL provide Spare management Services (SPM) as part of the Managed Services contracts, if required by customer to reduce customer costs and to ease the deployment.

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