Contact Center

Service Overview

MEL provides contact center services both “on-prem” and “cloud” based, in collaboration with Ameyo call center platform, for a range of customers including telecom operators and other industries.

Fully Hosted Contact Center Services

MEL offers its partners and clients all the benefits of an omni channel customer experience platform based on the latest technology, providing an excellent service, conducted by highly trained employees that keep customer experience at the core of their approach. In this way MEL Contact Center allows companies to eliminate the operational challenges relating to customer management, free up their resources and focus in enhancing their core business practices.

MEL’s customer experience platform allows agents to access complete interaction history across all touchpoints in a single window, enabling agents to support customers quickly and in a personalized and dynamic manner. An integrated knowledge management system allows them to respond to any query with ease, whilst real time dashboards and reporting provide on-going quality control and performance monitoring.

Available contact channels include:
  1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR Services)
  2. Live Human Agents ( Inbound /Outbound)
  3. Email, Chat Support
  4. Social media & messaging including Twitter and Facebook
  5. Voice Blast Services (broadcasting bulk voice messages on a GO)

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